Collections Law

Debt collection myths


Whether you are trying to collect from someone, or someone is trying to collect from you, there are rules that must be followed. Collection agencies are not allowed to harass, abuse, or oppress anybody in connection with collection of debt. In fact, the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and state laws impose stringent rules under which collections of debt can be attempted. Obscene or threatening language cannot be used and the collector cannot pretend to be the government and falsely imply that a crime has been committed. Any debt collector who does not comply with the law is subject to civil liability.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects debtors who are being pursued by a third party collection agency or law firm. The federal restrictions do not apply if the creditor is pursuing you directly. However, you may be protected by state laws. Martin Hochberg & Cianflone, PLLP can help you either collect or ensure you are being treated fairly.


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